HighGrade Solutions LLC  is a client centric advisory firm leveraging its expertise in startup business development, cannabis law, HIPAA compliance, and venture capital to advise and support entrepreneurs in the cannabis and CBD space on establishing and growing their operations with the end goal of creating generational wealth while operating within the confines of the law.


Patrick Marc, founder of  high Grade Solutions is a self-made, entrepreneurial business and technology attorney that was raised in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. Since the early 70s he witnessed first -hand the disproportionate impact that the war on drugs had on young Black and Latino males in the surrounding communities and New York City as a especially under the mayoral administrations of Rudolph Giuliani and his broken windows policy and Michael Bloomberg., and his now infamous stop and frisk policy. Patrick also first started consuming cannabis around 1986 and continues to o so regularly, despite society’s many misconceptions surrounding he plant and unfair judgment and punishment of consumers of the same.

He developed a real passion for cannabis in during his college years when he started consuming the plant on a daily basis. Despite the barrage of misinformation surrounding the plant’s tendency to kill brain cells and induce laziness, Patrick managed to dispel hose theories by graduating from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Finance while working a number of  part time jobs throughout his tenure at the school, It was around this time that he realized the plant’s ability to treat post traumatic stress disorder, after using it to treat his symptoms of the same after the murder of a close friend to gun violence.

Patrick developed a keen interest in technology after he started to work for the phone company servicing multi-million-dollar enterprise accounts, while simultaneously attending law school at night. Shortly thereafter he started attending evening law school. This was also the period commonly referred to as the dot- com era. 9 years after graduating and passing the bar exam Patrick launched his own law practice without any experience. He contracted pneumonia one year prior to this and was later misdiagnosed by a pulmonologist as having COPD. Luckily, his mother was an experienced nurse and forced him to visit her in Florida where he was immediately admitted to the hospital she worked in after it diagnosed his condition as congestive heart failure. Patrick asked the physician in charge if there was any possible harm in continuing his daily consumption of cannabis and the doctor gave him the okay to continue his daily routine. Through proper dieting, exercise and regular visits to a local cardiologist, Patrick was able to beat the CHF and live a normal life. The shortness of breath returned 7 years later and culminated into a major stroke on May 23, 2017. Three days after checking himself into the hospital by way of an Uber ride  he had 2 more strokes in his sleep, which paralyzed the entire left side of his body. Patrick’s lungs also collapsed, which led the hospital to place him under a medically induced coma and force him to breathe through a ventilator. About 9 months after going 3 rehab facilities his mother passed away from cancer, not before his family searched high and wide to no avail for CBD to treat her as a replacement for  chemotherapy, radiation and morphine. The lack of availability of a product that could have saved his mother’s life enhanced his curiosity about cannabinoids and their effects on the human mind and body. He launched the company in the midst of the pandemic created by the Corona virus in the midst of recovering from 4 strokes and 5 seizures in the last 3 years.